What to See in Bologna

The most important historical buildings in the center of Bologna

The center of Bologna holds some of the most important buildings in the city. Ancient buildings that have now become an integral part of Bologna’s architecture.  Come discover with us the most important historic buildings in the center of Bologna! Palazzo Fantuzzi  Palazzo Fantuzzi,, built in the Renaissance style, is

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Basilica of San Francesco in Bologna

Would you like to take a plunge with us into the 800-year-old past to discover the journey of San Francesco of Assisi in Bologna? Don’t wait and read this article to learn about the beauty and history of the Basilica of San Francesco of Assisi in Bologna, in Piazza Malpighi

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The Certosa of Bologna: a museum cemetery

The Certosa of Bologna is a unique cementery among all the graveyards of the modern necropolis of the western world. This cemetery opened in 1801, and is the result of the transformation of an important Carthusian monastery. The Certosa of Bologna is considered the very first Italian graveyard, since its

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Chiostro di San Giovanni in Monte Bologna

San Giovanni in Monte in Bologna: a hill with a long history

San Giovanni in Monte in Bologna is one of the places that most experienced historical changes during the centuries. Now, it is a University campus, but its walls welcomed at first a convent, then a prison. Over time, San Giovanni in Monte had multiple functions and, consequently, different valuations of

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Basilica di Santo Stefano, Bologna

Seven Churches: a treasure in the center of Bologna

The church of Santo Stefano is a very peculiar place, with an unmistakably bolognese style, that will enchant you in every time of the year. Also known as the Complex of the Seven Churches, the Basilica is a mixture of architectural complexity and variety, all surrounded by the mystery of

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