What to See in Bologna

Five Things not to be Missed in Bologna

Do you want to know the 5 attractions not to be absolutely missed in Bologna? You are in the right place! 1. Piazza Maggiore Piazza Maggiore (or Piazza Grande for Bologneses) is the heart of the city, the center of civil and religious life in Bologna. The current square is

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The Houses of the Countryside of Bologna

Historic and beautiful villas are not only located in the city center, but are also scattered in the countryside of Bologna. Come and discover them with us! Ville Malvezzi The Malvezzi Villas complex is located in Bagnarola, in the province of Bologna. It consists of two central units: the Casino

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The most Beautiful Houses of Bologna

Do you want to discover the most beautiful houses of Bologna? Come with us on this journey among the most spectacular and ancient private residences in the city! Villa Aldini Villa Aldini is a well-known historical building located on the hills of Bologna, in St. dell’Osservanza 37. Built in 1811

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quadrilatero market

The Quadrilatero Market in Bologna

Did you know that in the historic center of Bologna there is an area called Quadrilatero? Come and discover its history with us! History The Quadrilatero is a central area of Bologna, enclosed between St. Rizzoli, St. dell’Archiginnasio, St. Farini and St. Castiglione: it is precisely its shape that gives

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Donne storia Bologna

The Women who made the History of Bologna

Bologna has always been characterized by numerous women who contributed to its history in the most varied fields. Let’s see the most important! Bettisia Gozzadini  Bettisia Gozzadini was born in Bologna in 1209 and was the first woman to teach at the University of Bologna. Bettisia came from the Gozzadini

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Underground Bologna: a journey into the four Crypts

Bologna is a mysterious city full of hidden treasures. Under the surface, there are extraordinary places: come and discover the four crypts of Bologna! The crypt of San Zama Under the Abbey of SS. Naborre and Felice, there is the crypt of Saint Zama. Dedicated to the first bishop of

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