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The best restaurant in Bologna: Ristorante I Carracci


Are you curious to know which is the best restaurant in Bologna? The restaurant I Carracci offers the chance of enjoying a gourmet meal, where tradition meets the culinary innovation. Moreover, you will admire beautiful frescoes which are artistically important.


The Ristorante I Carracci is located in St. Manzoni 2 inside Palazzo Fava and owes its name to the numerous frescoes inside it, painted by the Carracci brothers around the 16th century.

Right in the center of the vault of the main room it is possible to observe a painting representing the fall of Phaeton; while the allegorical figures on the four sides depict the four seasons.

The restaurant is part of the Grand Hotel Majestic Già Baglioni, but is also open to external people interested in having lunch or dinner. It can accommodate a maximum of 70 seats.

i Carracci restaurant

In 2021 it was included in the Michelin Red Guide obtaining “Il Piatto” symbol of the quality of the products and the “Three Forks” symbolizing a comfortable location.

i Carracci restaurant

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The menu

At the head of the staff there is the Executive Chef Guglielmo Araldi, who offers traditional Emilian cuisine, but also fish and vegetarian dishes using locally grown vegetables.

Araldi impressed its Mediterranean and Calabrian origins: in this way the flavours and scents of its land meet and dialogue with those of the Bolognese tradition. Among its specialties is the tortello stuffed with lobster, bergamot, turnip tops and smoked scamorza. An approach to cooking that overcomes regional barriers, and creates a completely original sensory experience.

Prices range from a minimum of 15€ to a maximum of 36€ and a full meal ranges from 65€ to 120€.

Marinetti room bar

Marinetti room bar

What to see near the Ristorante I Carracci

The Ristorante I Carracci is located in the city center, just a few minutes from several symbolic places in Bologna. Discover them all with us!

Piazza Maggiore

Piazza Maggiore is the most important square in Bologna. Located in the city center, five minutes from the Ristorante I Carracci, Piazza Maggiore has undergone various changes over the years. Currently, it houses numerous historic buildings such as the Basilica of San Petronio, Palazzo d’Accursio and Palazzo del Podestà. Very close to this square you can see the Two Towers.

Piazza Maggiore

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The Fountain of Neptune

Behind Piazza Maggiore, you can find another historical monument of Bologna: the Fountain of Neptune. This fountain is one of a kind, as it hides one of the seven secrets of Bologna. Read also: A journey through the Seven Secrets of Bologna.

The Fountain of Neptun

The Fountain of Neptune is an emblem of the city because, it is said, Bologna was born “from the waters”: what better symbol than the god of the sea?

In Piazza del Nettuno you can also discover another very important building of Bologna: the Salaborsa Library. Discover it in the article The Salaborsa Library and its incredible uses over time.

The Metropolitan Cathedral of San Pietro

The Metropolitan Cathedral of San Pietro is a place of spirituality and union for the citizens of Bologna and it is located a few steps from the Ristorante I Carracci, in St. Indipendenza. Dating back to the 10th century, its imposing facade makes it impossible not to see it. To find out its history and what you can find inside, read also The Metropolitan Cathedral of San Pietro in Bologna: what’s to know?

The Jewish ghetto

Not everyone knows that the Ristorante I Carracci is located in the ancient Jewish ghetto of Bologna. We advise you make a tour in the jewish ghetto of the city.

The Jewish ghetto is easily recognizable: in fact, on every wall there is the Hand of Miriam, a symbol of Jewish culture.

map of the ex ghetto in Bologna

In addition, in St. Manzoni 4, you can visit the Medieval Civic Museum, where the last four remaining Jewish tombstones in the city are preserved. In the jewish ghetto there is also a museum dedicated to the history of these people: the city offers numerous museums and various artistic collections that respond to many different tastes!

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