The most important square in Bologna and its buildings: Piazza Maggiore

Do you want to know the history and the curiosities about Piazza Maggiore? Discover the most important buildings that surround it! The birth of Piazza Maggiore Piazza Maggiore or Piazza Grande has always been the centre of city and religious life in Bologna, the beating heart of the city. In 1200, the year in which […]

The best restaurant in Bologna: Ristorante I Carracci

Are you curious to know which is the best restaurant in Bologna? The restaurant I Carracci offers the chance of enjoying a gourmet meal, where tradition meets the culinary innovation. Moreover, you will admire beautiful frescoes which are artistically important. History The Ristorante I Carracci is located in St. Manzoni 2 inside Palazzo Fava and […]

How to arrive and move around Bologna

You are planning to visit Bologna but you do not know how to move around the city? Keep reading our article! Getting to Bologna Bologna is a city located in a strategic position: it is excellently connected to all the major Italian and European cities. To reach Bologna there are several options: plane, train or […]

The Most famous Tavern in Bologna: Osteria dell’Orsa

Did you know that the Osteria dell’Orsa is the most famous tavern in Bologna? Discover with us its history and its menu! The history of Osteria dell’Orsa The Osteria dell’Orsa was founded in 1979 in St. Mentana 1, in the historic center of Bologna, in the university area. It is a location frequented by many […]

Five Things not to be Missed in Bologna

Do you want to know the 5 attractions not to be absolutely missed in Bologna? You are in the right place! 1. Piazza Maggiore Piazza Maggiore (or Piazza Grande for Bologneses) is the heart of the city, the center of civil and religious life in Bologna. The current square is the result of many stratifications […]

Paths and Excursions in Bologna: five routes in the middle of Nature

Are you looking for paths to immerse yourself in the green of the Bolognese hills? Continue reading the article and find out which one is right for you! Via della Lana e della Seta The Via della Lana e della Seta is a challenging route of about 6 days for 130 km that connects Prato […]