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Ciclovia del Sole and Cycle Paths: from the North Cape to Malta passing through Bologna


Did you know that the Ciclovia del Sole now also passes through Bologna? Are you interested in discovering new incredible cycling routes in Bologna? Discover with us the routes that can be traveled through one of the most famous cities in Italy!

Ciclovia del Sole path.

Bologna and the cycle paths

For many years, Bologna has been attentive to air pollution, increasingly promoting travel through the use of bicycles.

In this regard, the Municipality has drawn up the Biciplan, a program to improve the numerous cycle paths already present in the area. Bologna is, in fact, also known for the great use of bicycles that citizens use to get around.

In this regard, the Municipality has created twelve cycle paths covering 150 km, all equipped with road signs to help cyclists find their way around.

Moreover, to further promote the use of this vehicle, Mobike arrived in the city in 2018: a bike sharing platform that offers e-bikes available 24 hours a day at a small price.

In addition to bike sharing, it is possible to take advantage of other services tailored to cyclists, for example the bicycle marking system to discourage thefts and facilitate the recovery of stolen vehicles. By going to the Dynamo Velostazione, at a cost of 5 euros, it is possible to request that an indelible mark be affixed to the frame with a unique and recognizable serial number, providing the owner with a document certifying possession.

Velostazione Dynamo
Source: Dynamo

There are many initiatives that the Municipality of Bologna has implemented to encourage more and more people to travel by bicycle, including incentives to buy bikes and calls for bids for students of the University of Bologna to have a bike on loan.

The latest news on Bologna’s cycle paths concerns the Ciclovia del Sole. Find out with us what it is and why it concerns Bologna!

Ciclovia del Sole

The Ciclovia del Sole (or Eurovelo 7) is a cycle path that starts in the North Cape and ends in Malta, crossing about 42 countries for a total of 7,400 km.

Tuesday 13 April 2021 was inaugurated the section of the Ciclovia del Sole on the former Bologna-Verona railway that starts from Mirandola (Tramuschio) and arrives in Sala Bolognese (Osteria Nuova): 46 km built in two years by the Metropolitan City of Bologna cost of five million euros. Currently it is not completed, in fact there are still 14 routes under construction.

This project was created by the ECF (European Cyclists’ Federation) and co-funded by the European Union.

A part of Ciclovia del Sole
Source: WikiCommons

The Ciclovia del Sole allows you to know the territories, the history, the characteristics of the countries you cross, such as Lake Garda and the Apennines.

The route is considered one of the four priority national cycle routes together with the Vento cycle route (Venice-Turin), the Water cycle route (Caposele-Santa Maria di Leuca) and the GRAB (Grande Raccordo Anulare delle Bici) in Rome.

Do you know that a section of the Ciclovia del Sole passes through Bologna? Continue reading the article and find out the route!


The stretch of the Ciclovia del Sole that starts from Mirandola (MO) and arrives in Sala Bolognese (BO) crosses 7 municipalities and has a length of 46 km.

The ribbon cutting ceremony took place in a symbolic place: near the former Bolognina station in Crevalcore, where in 2005, there was a fatal train accident, in which 17 people lost their lives. From that moment, the tracks were doubled, giving way to the new Ciclovia del Sole.

This realization was possible thanks to the Italian Railways, which granted the former stretch of the Bologna-Verona railway on loan.

Tratto A part of Ciclovia del Sole: from Mirandola to Sala Bolognes
Source: WikiCommons

Along the way, 5 rest areas have been created equipped with numerous devices to facilitate cyclists such as lighting, wi-fi, cell phone and e-bike charger, repair kits, racks, water, tables and baskets. The photovoltaic system will also be installed in each pitch. In addition, there are 22 tourist totems that describe the characteristics of the territories crossed.

The section from Sala Bolognese to the center of Bologna can be covered thanks to the presence of signs and thanks to the cycle paths already present.

Thanks to the opening of this section, the Ciclovia del Sole is now accessible from Bolzano to Bologna, without interruptions for almost 300 km.

The Mirandola-Bologna route includes five stages in different municipalities before reaching its destination: in about 50 minutes (10 km) you will arrive in San Felice sul Panaro, then in 30 minutes (6.5 km) you are in Camposanto. The route continues towards Crevalcore in 40 minutes (7.5 km), then passing through San Giovanni in Persiceto in 45 minutes (9 km) and finally reaching Sala Bolognese in 40 minutes (8 km), before arriving at its destination in 50 minutes. (10 km).

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Along the new stretch of cycle path, more precisely next to the San Giovanni in Persiceto railway station, a Bed & Bike will be inaugurated shortly: a bed and breakfast that is particularly attentive to the needs of cyclists and will offer a storage service and bicycle workshop.

Do you want to discover the 12 cycle paths developed by the Municipality of Bologna? Keep reading!

The 12 new cycle routes

We have seen how the commitment of the Municipality of Bologna in promoting the use of bicycles has been supported by various interventions. Sustainable development is, in fact, a very important issue: hence the idea of creating 12 cycle routes in Bologna.

  1. Casalecchio – Bologna – the “West Radial” is a route that runs along the Reno Canal for many stretches, touching the Certosa, the Stadium and the natural areas of Villa Serena and Villa della Filanda (discover the most beautiful villas in Bologna with the articles The most beautiful houses of Bologna and The houses of the countryside of Bologna).
  2. San Lazzaro – Bologna – the “East Radial” is named after Prof. Carlo Piazzi, pioneer of cycling associations in Bologna. The route passes through the historic center, starting from the Savena district and continuing to the San Vitale district. Along the itinerary, you can cross several green areas and urban parks, such as the Parco dei Cedri and the Giardino Arcobaleno.
  3. Fiera is one of the first itineraries created. The itinerary starts from Porta San Donato, crossing the boulevards of Bologna, the historic center and the Don Bosco Park, and then arrives in the Fiera area. (find out Underground Bologna )
  4. Arcoveggio – the “Radiale Nord” connects the Corticella area and the Arcoveggio area to the circle of avenues and the historic center of Bologna. The route starts near the Central Station of Bologna, to get to Parco della Cà Bura of St. dei Giardini. (read also Five things not to be missed in Bologna)
  5. Beer route that crosses the eastern part of Bologna, winding through two natural areas and then connecting to the Borgo Panigale and Casteldebole itineraries.
  6. Borgo Panigale route connects the homonymous station of the metropolitan railway service to the municipal offices and the Cavina sports center.
  7. Dozza connects the Navile District to the historic center and the ring road boulevards. In St. Stalingrado, the route develops along two large cycle lanes, then passing the bypass and the Bologna-Padua motorway across the cycle-pedestrian walkway. The end of the itinerary is located in St. A. da Formigine, in the Dozza area.
  8. Santa Viola is one of the longest cycling routes in Bologna. Starting from the Central Station, continue along the cycle paths of St. Boldrini, and then connect to other cycle paths, such as that of St. Bovi Campeggi and St. del Chiù.
  9. Casteldebole is a route that is divided into three branches: the first goes east, towards the historic center, the second goes west, towards the gardens of Villa Bernaroli and the “Parco Città Campagna” and the third connects the Casteldebole area to that of Borgo Panigale, passing through the Parco delle Querce up to St. Giacosa.
  10.  Lungo Savena which develops entirely in the Savena district, between St. Genova and Piazzale Atleti Azzurri d’Italia.
  11.  Pilastro connects the area between the San Vitale district and the San Donato district.
  12.  Mezzofanti which connects Porta Santo Stefano and the Margherita Gardens with the SFM Mazzini station.

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