Food & Drink in Bologna


Fresh pasta: the art of bolognese grannies

Bologna is the home of tortellini, tagliatelle, lasagne and balanzoni. Discover with us the art of fresh pasta: the magic union of eggs and flour. What are its origins? Where to taste and buy it? What experiences can I do to learn more about the art of sfoglia? Discover with

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The best restaurant in Bologna: Ristorante I Carracci

Are you curious to know which is the best restaurant in Bologna? Continue reading the article! History The Ristorante I Carracci is located in St. Manzoni 2 inside Palazzo Fava and owes its name to the numerous frescoes inside it painted by the Carracci brothers around the 1500s. Right in

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The Most famous Tavern in Bologna: Osteria dell’Orsa

Did you know that the Osteria dell’Orsa is the most famous tavern in Bologna? Discover with us its history and its menu! The history of Osteria dell’Orsa The Osteria dell’Orsa was founded in 1979 in St. Mentana 1, in the historic center of Bologna, in the university area. It is

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